The CHUTZPAH movement is growing strong...here's what people are saying:

"This music is so universal...I think it could unite the planet"   –    Kate Sullivan, LA Weekly 
"...a cross between Eminem and Woody Allen"  -  Brian Wise, New York Times
"George Segal, rap star?"  -  Steve Hochman , LA Times
"Imagine a vintage Woody Allen with soul and MC skills and you've got Chutzpah!"  -  Steve Baltin of Rolling Stone
"Onstage [Chutzpah's] got mad flow (think Adam Sandler meets Eminem)"  -  Lina LeCaro, LA Weekly
"...a Trio of Hilarious Hip Hop Heebs!" - Kim Hastreitter, Paper Magazine
"...the funniest thing to hit the Tribe since Jerry Seinfeld" - Molly Ritvo, JVibe
"...easily the funniest thing to happen in pop music since “This Is Spinal Tap,” - Pat Thomas, OC Metro
"A great CD. The songs are really well done and I've never heard anything quite like it before"  -  Debbie Harry, Blondie
"...proves the true spirit of hip-hop knows no racial boundaries" - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
"They're the bomb. They're Down. Chutzpah. Check 'em  out!"  -  Gary Oldman (Actor)
"I love the record...I don't think anybody's really done what you're doing."  -  Debi Mazar (Actress)
"The buzz is  there. Rock has had it's day. It's all about Chutzpah! Your mother would love it."  -  Vivian Campbell, Def Leppard
"I've never seen Judy Richman so happy!"  -  Dr. Denise Hyams (Therapist)

Who is Chutzpah?

 The question is best answered -  in the tradition of the Jewish people –
with another question: Who wants to know? For those in the know about the
truth behind Jewish Hip Hop, the name has already become legend.
For everyone else it is still shrouded in mystery. This bio is for ‘everyone else’. 

Chutzpah – the first ever Jewish Hip Hop Supergroup – have been together,
on and off, for as long as anyone can remember. Brought together by the magisterial
Dr. Dreck, a profoundly influential figure in the annals of Hip Hop, the trio consists of
Master Tav - the lead rapper,
MC Meshugenah – the slightly unhinged one, and their tag along fourth,
Jewdah – the Jewish/Rastafarian, toaster/philosopher.

 Chutzpah’s worldwide debut release, “Chutzpah (eponymous)” hits the streets in early November.
Their holiday video “Chanukah’s da Bomb,” along with a ‘making of…’ video called “Chutzpah this is?”
will also be made available as a DVD.  Which brings us back to the question of who they are…

Dr. Dreck: Reports that he invented scratching on a Victrola in 1948 have never been substantiated,
but since that was the year after his Bar Mitzvah, it’s just possible enough to be true.
His contributions to the growth of the movement have been significant.
He claims that Dr. Dre came along, took his name and dropped the ‘ck’.
His mysterious connection to actor George Segal has only fanned the flames of mystery surrounding the group.

 Master Tav: He was still a sincere cantorial student when Dr. Dreck
saw his potential and encouraged him to try his hand at rhyming.
Tav took to it like a duck to water and soon left his studies to pursue a recording career.
He developed his signature style of fast and fluid rap, honing it to perfection with the
encouragement of his mentor. Now, in a classic case of the student surpassing the
teacher, Master Tav has become the driving force and creative center of Chutzpah. 

MC Meshugenah: He’s literally the wildcard in the group.
He has been cared for by Dr. Dreck since, at a very young age, it
became apparent that his parents couldn’t handle his erratic behavior.
Having been raised by a DJ like Dr. Dreck, he has an almost inborn sense of
rhythm and rhyme. His love for being the center of attention has occasionally
derailed the recording process, but Tav and Dreck have both assured us that
he is OK to tour, and his medication doses are being closely monitored. 

Jewdah: If we could find him for long enough we could tell you!

As is often the case with influential artists, their own road has been a bumpy one.
From crises of faith (Master Tav), steady acting engagements (Dr. Dreck)
and the occasional stay in a psychiatric hospital (MC Meshugenah) to the
wandering of the lost one (Jewdah) the group has encountered numerous obstacles.
Finally, the now legendary demos they recorded over the years reached the ears of
David McLees, the President of a new Jewish record label, Jewish Music Group,
and Chutzpah was signed!

The wait is over. The band will be touring in support of their release. 
Chutzpah is available for television appearances, in-store performances and the occasional Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

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