"Chutzpah, This Is?"
The Official Hip-Hop-U-Mentary

"Chutzpah, This Is?" made its World Premiere at
HBO's Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen
on March 9, 2006 and KILLED!
While there, Chutzpah smeared themselves all over the mountain like Cream Cheese...
...and PlumTV
(click below to see interview)

...was interviewed by iFilm
(click above to see interview)

...and then they hit the slopes as PlumTV 'Mensches on the Street'
to interview and educate the locals in some of the more surreal moments of the Comedy Festival.

Click the left pic to see them rap "Super Jew" with some
Minnesota Mommas and a clucking German tourist...
Click the right to see them rap "Yiddish"

The trip finished with a super-elite after party at the Mega Mansion of Belly Up owner Michael Goldberg,
where Chutzpah hung with the stars and Master Tav jammed with
Dave Chappelle on harmonica and Michel Gondry on drums...all in a day's work!

(from left: J. Jackson, Master Tav) (D. Chappelle, M. Gondry, Fred, Master Tav) (MC Meshugenah and Dave Chappelle)

More Festival Pics
Chutzpah with Director Rick Kent outside the Isis Theater
before the World Premiere of "Chutzpah, This Is?"
at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, March, 2006
The film's West Coast Premiere was at the Los Angeles Jewish
Film Festival
on April 4, 2006 where the film was part of
the Audience Pick winning night of comedy shorts called,
by no accident - "That's Chutzpah!"
MC Meshungenah and Jewdah at the Newport Beach Film Festival, where "Chutzpah, This Is?" was part of the ethnically diverse "Who Are You Anyway?" program.

At the Mt. Shasta Int'l Film Festival, "Chutzpah, This Is?" was accompanied by a Q&A with Jewdah!
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MySpace page for
"Chutzpah, This Is?"
The Video had its festival premiere at the Other Venice
Film Festival
where the hipster audience laughed at
every nuance! Unfortunately there was no category
for most humorous nuances.

Stars George Segal

as Dr. Dreck,

as themselves,
...and features cameos
by Gary Oldman,

Debi Mazar,

not to mention

Vivan Campbell

and Sharon Osbourne

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